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I have only recently been exposed to speculative -sci-fi, fantasy, horror- poetry so I can’t say I have read a ton of it. I have read enough to know that there are some quality authors writing in the genre and plenty of good pieces to overshadow the horrifically bad ones (as with every other genre).

In my introduction to the wealth of speculative poetry (past and present), I saw a huge selection of haiku (affectionately called scifaiku). Now as much as I love brevity and minimalism, I couldn’t help the overwhelming sense that the haiku was just not long enough. That is when I was reacquainted with it’s long form, the form from which it originated, the tanka.

I have been sucked into the form and have started trying my hand at writing them, They Not After You, Yet being one of them, in the speculative genre. I’ve even begun a longer poem consisting of multiple stanzas, each being a tanka, that I will post soon.



Musician, actor, poet, father, reader, human, alien, otherworldly spirit...Derrick J. Hines is and will continue to be until nothing is.

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