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The table stares with its newness

glaring like sun in a crowd of eyes.

I turn away from the jagged circle danced

by its harem of chairs; an orbit fraught with

collisions and a tangling of feet.

Declining the invitation to join a hard party

I, instead,

court a single, soft, leather armchair

and sink into her.

She accepts my weight like legs

of an old flame



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Musician, actor, poet, father, reader, human, alien, otherworldly spirit...Derrick J. Hines is and will continue to be until nothing is.

13 responses to “COFFEE SHOP (SOLO)

  1. brian

    nice…the comfy chair like the legs of an old flame…might want to take up residence there for a while…ha…intriguing imagery in this man…i like…

  2. Contrasting of the shallow, noisy social atmosphere of dining table scene against the easy chair, comfortable as old flame’s legs – such a great metaphor for the difference between meeting and flirting with new prospects which feels clumsy and uncomfortable at first, no matter how fun or exciting, against the old relationship that although it has run its course, feels familiar and fits, like favorite but worn out slippers. There should be a word for that whole feeling, but there isn’t. You’ve just created a wonderful setting-poem that shows the story in “telling details.” Nice one!

  3. Yep, I’d do the same. One near a fire if possible holding a laptop so I look busy.

  4. I like this! Clever and vivid (though vivid isn’t really the right word as a lot of this speaks to the sense of touch).

  5. “Courting” a leather chair is such a great image!

  6. claudia

    I, instead,

    court a single, soft, leather armchair

    and sink into her.

    She accepts my weight like legs

    of an old flame

    revisited…. nice..oh i’m in desperate need of a soft leather armchair…terribly exhausted…so really felt this… very cool

  7. That’s pretty great right there. Particularly the chair – works so well.

  8. ManicDdaily ⋅

    Very very clever and sensual from glaring sun to the old flame’s legs! K.

  9. Well. That’s kinda sexy. (Ha, now I want to be anonymous.)

  10. Bianca

    This is great! Loved the metaphor of the furniture!

  11. Thanks for visiting and liking. dVerse is a great place to find good poetry.

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