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Broken Tattoo

Come visit the most happening pub with the absolute best drinks and food for thought.


Your name,

sewn with needle and ink

on pages of my thin skin,

brings to the surface

the tears my heart has cried

over the distance between

your eyes and my need to

be in front of them.

You wipe them away,

not recognizing their design,

never guessing they were

shed/bled for you.

I silently mark through your name,

tear the pages from my chest,

and stuff them

into poems.



Musician, actor, poet, father, reader, human, alien, otherworldly spirit...Derrick J. Hines is and will continue to be until nothing is.

12 responses to “Broken Tattoo

  1. This is wonderful – I almost didn’t stop (you posted after me and it’s late for me) but then I thought, oh hell … let’s see – so glad I did – one of the best poems I’ve read all day … so few words,
    so much power. Bravo.

  2. claudia

    ugh…sad she wipes them away without really looking at them, not knowing, not feeling… raw emotions in this…the tearing of pages from the chest and stuffing them into poems…at least that brings some healing often…felt..

  3. Damn Hines, I love this one! You start off with a bang “Your name,
    sewn with needle and ink
    on pages of my thin skin,” seriously awesome. Then you end with “and stuff them
    into poems.” I mean…. double damn!

  4. ha nice….tear the pages from my chest…and pit them in poems…dont we def do that…all the better for it as well….the stitching on the skin too it tight…nice one…

  5. deep and powerful words.

    How are you?
    Do you like challenges?
    Share your talent with us by writing for our theme today, or share a random piece of poetry.

    Hope to see you soon!
    Best wishes.
    Happy Creative Writing,

  6. Sheila

    tear pages from my chest and stuff them into poems – I love that!

  7. Every watched Greenaway’s The Pillow Book? This reminds me a bit of that. It’s a rather disturbing film, but provocative as well. I’m more comfortable with your poem and like the sincerity behind it better.

  8. Cad

    I thought that beautiful…

  9. Christy

    A great poem about the tears we shed over relationships. I just joined Dverse yesterday via email subscription and Twitter, hope to see you around there!

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