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Staying In





pale shade

cradled by shadow offspring

of mother dark (ginger-spiced dark

chocolate drizzled over two pints of

bourbon and vanilla bean iced dream),

we would scare death out of oatmeal villagers

wary of salt and sugar.

Better we serve each other private bowls

or be charged with indecency (flashing our

live graffiti near too many

of their dead slate walls).

Instead, we’ll fling invisible color bombs

all over their curtains, blinds, and ceiling fans;

leaving behind hue stained sheets

and towels strewn about their

previously unloved bedrooms and showers.

And we’ll sign our names across the

smoke cloud cover of this gray horizon

with the burning ends of candied cigarettes

in shapes and languages only we

can see and understand.

Some art can’t be shared in the same air

blowing storms of guilt and shame

with terrible eyes and tongues of watchful judgment

behind lying gates of pearly whites.

I’d rather weather the kissed wind

carrying parcels wrapped and delivered by name.

Let us stay here in this cellar

where we can age without incident and

throw mirror discs at the blizzards and cold fronts

we won’t feel beneath this blanket

of heart-shaped privacy.



Musician, actor, poet, father, reader, human, alien, otherworldly spirit...Derrick J. Hines is and will continue to be until nothing is.

8 responses to “Staying In

  1. fling those color bombs man…some hints of corso in your words (take that as a compliment)…wicked flow to to this…and hope you find that home beneath heart shaped privacy….very cool verse man…

  2. hisfirefly ⋅

    coming out into the light, colors blazing… love it

  3. claudia

    ha..throwing mirror discs at the blizzards..some wicked cool images in this..

  4. Powerful. It swirls with imagery, feeling light and dark at the same time. I was drawn to this line “Some art can’t be shared in the same air.” Yet you mix so much into this piece–emotion, images, story. Well done.

  5. An interesting love poem that belies that it is itself more about poetry and mission than about distancing oneself and one’s lover from the cold and remorseless universe. Well done.

  6. Oh wow. This so amazing. Such strong vivid imagery. I love the way you wrote this.

  7. Love the contrast you weave here, us and them, color and grey, love and fear. These lines stuck with me,
    “blowing storms of guilt and shame
    with terrible eyes and tongues of watchful judgment
    behind lying gates of pearly whites.”
    Ughhh. Really effective write!

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